Please visit our showroom at 388 Unit B El Grande Avenue, B,F Homes. Paranaque.

Please visit our showroom at 388 Unit B El Grande Avenue, B,F Homes. Paranaque.

Samsung Firmware Update Broke 4 TVs Forum

The TV will not discover the software folder if you put it within another folder on the USB device. If you want to remove an app from your device, tap Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. You can complete the reset by selecting OK […]

How to reset Samsung S95B

So you can bookmark the link for future updated information. You can create separate sound profiles for each whether your phone is connected to the Galaxy Buds, wired headphones, car stereo, home theater system, or portable speaker. For example, you can set different volume levels, equaliser settings, and activate Dolby Atmos for different devices. At […]

Fix Boot Logo Loop Issue When Updating Firmware on a Samsung Smart TV

Odin is the most popular name when it comes to installing firmwares on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The software has helped users upgrade and downgrade phones easily in just several minutes. The method for downgrading has been tested for the international GT-I9500 model. First, we’ll show you how to get the stock Android 10 firmware for […]

How To Stop Devices From Connecting to Your Samsung TV? Instantly!

The strategy by which the drive operates internally can vary largely between manufacturers, and the TRIM command zeroes the whole range of a deleted file. Wear leveling also means that the physical address of the data and the address exposed to the operating system are different. In the case of MLC flash memory, a problem […]

Fix Failed to Update Firmware Visit Samsung Service Center Error

We’ve got 250GB and 1TB drives on hand for testing here. We’ve got a table below comparing the 970 EVO Plus series specifications to the original EVOs. As you can see, there are only a few areas that differ. Write performance and IOPS are improved, but capacities and endurance remain similar. The software gives drive […]